March 1, 2018

Meghan and Ian’s Wedding at the Lee House

Meghan and Ian had the BEST wedding this past weekend at the Lee House in Pensacola. It was the perfect way to start off my 2018 Wedding Season. They and their families and friends were so much fun and more than once, I caught myself wiping tears away from behind my camera. Meghan’s first look with her dad… tears. Meghan reading Ian’s letter… tears. Them reading their vows to each other… tears. Dad’s toast… tears. Yeah, the entire day was that good. Then!!! After their wedding was over, they went to Whataburger with their wedding party. How freaking awesome is that!

Here is the wedding day according to Meghan and Ian:

Did you have a theme for your wedding? Why did you choose this theme? If no theme, what feel did you want your wedding to have and why?
Our theme was to a tad bit rustic, but overall we wanted it to be simple and relaxed.

Why did you choose the Lee House for your wedding?
In all honesty, It was the same as the reception. We never wanted to have a church wedding and the Lee House allowed us to keep things simple and outside.
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0001.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0002.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0003.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0004.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0005.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0006.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0007.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0008.jpg

“I legitimately instagram stalked my wedding dress, which makes sense because Ian and I met on Tinder. I wanted to have it be simplistic, yet classic. The dress also had pockets, which came in handy. I got it from Bliss Bridal in New Orleans.”

Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0009.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0010.jpg
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Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0015.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0016.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0017.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0018.jpg

Some of our sweetest memories of our wedding day was anything to do with Meghan’s dad, the first look with each other, the flower girls and ring bearers walking down the aisle, and Matt, our Officiant’s introduction.

Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0019.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0020.jpg

“We wanted our wedding to feel like us. Our vows were a perfect reflection of our relationship and personalities. We also had to have our dog there.”

Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0021.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0022.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0023.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0024.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0025.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0026.jpg Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0027.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0028.jpg

Meghan about her Bridal Party… “Every girl there either had a huge part in my life, or Ian’s. Each one had supported me, us, and our dog. :)”

Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0029.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0030.jpg

Ian when asked about his Groomsmen: “They are some of my best friends and have had huge impacts on my life.”

Lee House Wedding in Pensacola
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0032.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0033.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0034.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0035.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0036.jpg

We listened to so many different songs and actually had another one picked out, but I randomly heard Loving You by Belle Mt while at work and just knew it was the one. I played it for Ian and he fell in love with it. I later learned that the song was about being an adult and learning to love someone, even through tough times. – Meghan

Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0037.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0038.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0039.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0040.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0041.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0042.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0043.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0044.jpg

Some of our favorite memories of our wedding day were hearing each other vows, hanging out with our closest friends and family, the random dance offs that happened, having Eloise our Goldendoodle there, when Bob caused everyone to cry while cutting the cake, and then ending at Whataburger. Also, what Matt said during the ceremony. Not only was it perfect, but it was amazing.

Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0045.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0046.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0047.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0048.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0049.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0050.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0051.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0052.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0053.jpg

Some of our favorite memories of our wedding day were the dance offs, anytime someone gave a toast while doing shots, whataburger, Vivian (one of the flower girls) during the mother son dance, and our dog, Eloise, wanting to hang out with Ian.

Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0054.jpg

What are some things that happened on your wedding day that you didn’t expect?

Stupid things like us actually dancing, Ian getting to eat, and or dog actually making it to and from the wedding. Marshall (groomsmen) washed her and drove her to/from the wedding, which made it possible.

Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0055.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0056.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0057.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0058.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0059.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0060.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0061.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0062.jpg
Lee House Wedding Pensacola_0063.jpg

Advice for Future Brides:
Elope! But if you don’t elope, then it would be to make sure you surround yourself with supportive, organized, and fun people. Without our group of friends, I do not think our wedding would have been so amazing or put together. Also, always make sure that your wedding is a reflection of you and your partner and not what you think other people will want.

Advice for Future Grooms: 
Don’t sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day, you’ll be married to the woman you love and the rest won’t matter.

Thanks goes out to: 
Our parents, our friends, our pseudo wedding planner (MA), our dog sisters, the Lee House, and all of our vendors.

The Wedding Pros that made the day happen:

Photography: Indie Pearl Photography // Venue: The Lee House // Florals: Celebrations // Cake: Betty Weber // DJ: Marty Stanovich // Hair: Christina Weaver and Brittney Farrington with Briton Hair Inc // Makeup: Robyn Ross //¬†Catering: Classic City // Save the Dates and Invites: Minted // Bride’s Dress: Bliss Bridal // Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal // Bride and Bridesmaid’s Robes: Pretty Plum Sugar // Men’s Suits: Jos A Banks

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