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Two of my favorite Photographers, the Manns, say it best...

"Reality is so much more interesting than anything we could ever come up with."

What is happening on your wedding day is so unique. Your wedding will be unlike ANY other wedding that has ever happened before and your story deserves to be told authentically and 100% real to you.

I will show up on to your wedding day ready to beautifully tell your story as it unfolds. Every scripted moment you expected and every unscripted moment you didn't expect and never want to forget. 

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My approach to photographing weddings is to be photo journalistic/documentary during the documentary times (getting ready, during your ceremony, reception) and to flip into portrait photographer mode and guide during the portrait times of the day (wedding party and family photos, bride and groom portraits) when you need direction. 

During documentary times, I blend seamlessly into whatever situation I am in, walking around catching interactions and moments as they're happening. I will help and make suggestions as needed, but try to let things unfold as naturally as possible. I never want you to look back at your photos and remember the moment as a "styled shoot" where I was there for myself and not for you.

During the portrait parts of the day, I guide you through photos efficiently and quickly. I have a system I use to flow from one photo to the next because standing through hours of portraits is no fun for you or your guests.

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wedding day

After booking and through the months to your wedding day, you and I will work together to help you be as prepared as possible.

From monthly email check-ins that answer questions you might have and tips + tricks I've learned along the way, to questionnaires that help me build your timeline and family shot list, I do everything I can to ensure that when your wedding day comes we are both ready to roll when it comes to photography. 

I like to be as prepared, knowing as much of your plans as possible, so that I am ready to capture everything you have planned and everything in between.

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I had a marketing coach ask me what 3 words my couples would use to describe my business; I had no idea, so he told me to go back through the reviews left by my couples and to write down all the words used to describe their experience with me. 

The 3 words that were used most: fun, easy, comfortable.

It was so cool, because those 3 things are exactly what I want people to feel when they're around me, especially during a wedding or engagement session. 

I want you both to walk away from this whole experience, remembering that being in front of my camera was actually a lot of fun! That taking photos was easy because all I asked you to do was just to have fun together and that hanging out together was easy and comfortable. 

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This is probably your first wedding. You've never done this before and planning can get overwhelming. 

I have shot hundreds of weddings over the last 11 years and know what it takes to leave your wedding day with the best photos possible.

I am here for you; always available for you to text, call, email, or to meet you at your favorite coffee shop to answer any question you may have.

the wedding photography experience

wedding experience




After you submit your contact form, I'll send you some info usually within a couple hours!

Yes, you read that right. I'm super quick at responding . 

This comes with a couple exceptions though. 
1. When I'm shooting.
2. When I'm sleeping.



We get to know each other better through email, text, Facetime, or over a bowl of ice cream/cup of coffee. Whatever floats your social boat. 

We chat about you, your honey, your wedding, your dog, your first date... wherever the conversation leads us. But basically we leave feeling like we've known each other forever! 



After you decide that I'm the wedding photographer of your dreams and that you can't imagine your wedding without me ;), we make this whole thing official. 

Me: Send over contract and retainer info.
You: Read it, sign it, & pay your 50%.
Me: Do a happy dance.
You: Do a happy dance.

You're all locked in for your date!



Throughout the entire planning process we'll be in touch working together to make sure you and I are both as ready as possible for your wedding day.

I'll send helpful hints all along the way, make your shot list and timeline, and always be just a phone call away.



If you've chosen to have an engagement session, get ready to have the best time ever in front of a camera. 

You're gonna laugh, hug, snuggle, run, dance, and a bunch of other things that make you look like engagement photo pros! 

My favorite text to get after the session is that the groom even said it was a lot of fun.  *mic drop



I show up on your wedding day with camera in hand, ready to rock your wedding day.

- Help you stick to your timeline, but also am ready for the unplanned moments.
- Get family photos done in 30 minutes or less.
- May or may not dance the Wobble with your guests and sing all the words to NSYNC.


after party

After your wedding, I get hard to work editing your photos. I will have them ready for sure in 6-8 weeks, but usually less.

After I'm done beautifying them, you'll get the best email ever! Your photos in a gorgeous online gallery that you can download from and share with friends and fam. 

Shortly after, we'll work together to design the wedding album of your dreams.

~ jess and ethan


and made the whole process as stress free as possible. you went way above and beyond just photography by being more than just a photographer. you're the whole package. super talented and attentive.



All collections include:
Erika as your Photographer // Online Gallery // Hi Res Digital Downloads // Print Release

All collections include:
One Hour Session // Online Gallery // Hi Res Digital Downloads // Print Release

All collections include:
Erika as your Photographer // Online Gallery // Hi Res Digital Downloads // Print Release

Portrait Sessions include:
Erika as your Photographer // 1-2 Hour Session // Up to 3 Outfit Changes // Online Gallery // 
Hi Res Digital Downloads // Print Release

request detailed pricing

Wedding coverage STARTS at $5000




Do we need a second photographer?

what are the perks of an engagement session?

What gear do you shoot with?

How many hours of coverage do I need?

Do you offer wedding albums and prints?

how long will it take to get our photos back?

how do we book you???

Heck yes I do!! I'm up for a wedding anywhere! My passport is ready and waiting!!! 

It depends! Not every wedding needs a second photographer. Most weddings are easily covered by one photographer, but depending on the size, location, and logistics of your wedding, a second photographer might be needed. I can totally help you determine if one is necessary for your wedding or not.

I LOVE engagement sessions and am a fan of getting my wedding couples in front of my camera before my wedding day. You and I get to know each other (relationships make photos that much better) and you get to see how I work. By the wedding day rolls around, you'll be like "psh! We got this!"

I do!! And let me tell you... I am IN LOVE with my wedding albums. They're seriously SO BEAUTIFUL and super high quality. I was very picky when it came to choosing my album company because I want you to love your album and for it to last for generations. 

I also offer a variety of different wall art to decorate your home with, including: metal prints, canvas prints, framed and matted prints, and gift prints for friends and family.

It takes up to 8 weeks to get back wedding photos and 4 weeks for engagement and portrait sessions.

Just let me know you're ready to book and I handle the rest! I'll send over a contract for you to sign and a link to pay your $1000 retainer. Then you're all locked in and my calendar is closed off for that day.

That's a hard question to answer. Every wedding is different and unique in their own way. What works for one, doesn't necessarily work for the next. If the wedding is taking place all at one location, including getting ready, and you want full coverage of your wedding from beginning to end, 8 or 9 hours of coverage is usually needed. Things like different locations, travel time, wedding party size, large family shot list, multiple portrait locations, etc all require more time and may extend your needed coverage. This is all something I can help you determine just by you answering a few simple questions during a quick phone call.

I shoot Sony mirrorless. I use professional grade camera bodies with an obnoxious amount of lenses and external flashes and lighting.

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My photos are beyond anything I could have ever hoped for." 


remember THE day?
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wedding albums

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Tell me more!

"There are so many amazing moments you captured so well and I absolutely loved the lighting you did with every picture! I have friends that are so mad they didn’t hire you for their weddings because they aren’t happy with their wedding photos and Tyler and I are over here in awe of your work!!"

- Catherine and Tyler